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 Who Should Attend A Neonatal Resuscitation Program? 
NRP is designed for Health-Care Professionals who either direct or participate in the delivery of infants and neonates.

This includes Registered Midwives, RN’s, LPN’s, NP’s, Medical Doctors, Primary Care Paramedics, Advanced Care paramedics, Critical Care Paramedics, Respiratory Therapists, ETC.

Students in the above professions are always welcome on our NRP Provider Courses.
 What Will You Learn During The Neonatal Resuscitation Program? 
The Neonatal Resuscitation Program (NRP) is an educational program designed to introduce the concepts and skills needed to resuscitate a newborn child.

The 8th Edition of the program (Released 2022) incorporates the latest neonatal resuscitation guidelines, as well as the new interactive components of simulation technology.

The goal of the course is to provide you with the skills and knowledge required to effectively manage and care for the newborn patient who was born in respiratory distress, respiratory failure, cardiovascular failure, or any newborn in distress.
 How Is The Program Delivered? 
The NRP Provider course is delivered using experienced practitioners who deal with neonatal emergencies on a regular basis.

The course will be presented using case studies, skill stations, simulations, and other interactive deliver methodologies.

Learning strategies have been selected to help the participant learn both cognitive (drugs & algorithms) and psychomotor skills (compressions, ventilations, basic and advanced airway management) to emphasize the course objectives.
How Will I Be Evaluated?  

Evaluation for the Neonatal Resuscitation Program occurs in two stages. 

Prior to attending the In-Class Portion of the Neonatal Resuscitation Program, you will be required to review the current NRP Textbook and complete an online examination. (There is a charge to take the exam that is not covered in the course fees.) Please bring a copy of the online certificate to the in-class portion of the program. 

During the program, your instructor will help guide you through the skills and scenario sections of the program. 

What Certificates Will I Earn At The End Of The Neonatal Resuscitation Program?

The Neonatal Resuscitation Program certificate issued by the Canadian Paediatric Society. 

How Long Is The Neonatal Resuscitation Program?

The Classroom portion of the NRP Program takes between 4 & 5 hours to deliver.  

Are There Any Course Prerequisites?

There are zero prerequisites for this program.

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NRP Textbooks
You can purchase a physical copy of the 8th Edition of the NRP Textbook from the Canadian Paediatric Society or from Amazon.

If you would like a digital copy (e-Book) of the NRP Textbook, I recommend getting the the digital copy from Amazon.

Amazon ships faster and if you have a prime account, shipping is free.
NRP Pre-Course Exam

The 8th Edition exam is managed by RQI Partners (RQI) and has two levels of learning:

  • Essentials (Lessons 1-4) uses an adaptive learning format which adapts the learning experience to each individual learner.
  • Advanced (Lessons 1-11) uses an adaptive learning format and the standard MCQ format.

We recommend that you select the "Advanced" pathway. 

Learners have unlimited attempts to pass the exam; a passing mark is 80% in each section. Upon successful completion of the exam, the online certificate of completion will appear under “My Certificates”.
NRP Certificates

You will be issued two certificates as you progress through the NRP program.

The first certificate you will receive will be from the NRP Pre-Course Examination.

After you complete the classroom learning session, you will be issued the final NRP certification from the Canadian Paediatric Society.

You can access your NRP Certificate from the Canadian Paediatric Society's Certificate Portal using the link below.

If you need help getting your NRP Certificate, you can contact the Canadian Paediatric Society's, NRP Support Team using this link

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